AI To Improve Billing and Patient Flow

Securely. Efficiently. Responsibly.


A Healthcare Intelligence Company

SapienSecure, a healthcare intelligence co, enabling real-time automated discovery of population data across disparate databases that drive productivity and profitability.

SapienSecure®, a medical data enablement company, offers AI models to help you with:

  • Billing - find gaps with your current billing to help you bill more with less effort.
  • Patient Flow - read inbound requisitions, and prioritize them as your team requires.

SapienSecure®, a healthcare intelligence company, enables real-time data access & discovery of population data across disparate databases that drive productivity and profitability driven by our proprietary NLP + AI models extract.

AI-Powered Data
Extraction and

SapienSecure® combines the experience of medical practitioners and artificial intelligence to power Data Extraction, Classification, Discovery, and On-Premise de-identifIcation for the purpose of enabling efficiency and secondary use commercialization.


AI That Frees Your Unstructured Medical Data
Securely. Efficiently. Responsibly.

icon2Zero compromise of personal health information (PHI) through single-step extraction & de-identification process 

icon2Unlock and discover the potential of operational and resource efficiencies

icon2Empower researchers, clinicians, and operational team with real-time visual data analysis (while securing privacy)


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SapienSecure® a medical data enablement company, leverages AI to help you improve patient flow and billing.



Leading Medical De-Identification

Authored by Dr. William Parker

November 3, 2020 – Canadian Association of Radiologists published a 2-part white paper on De-identification of Medical Imaging: Part 1, General Principles and Part 2, Practical Considerations