SapienSecure® Letter

Dr. Savvas Nicolaou MD | FRCPC discusses the impact
SapienSecure® has had on the healthcare industry



Dr. Savvas Nicolaou, Chief Medical Officer of SapienSecure® Letter

” As someone with over 25 years of experience in healthcare, and Chief Medical Officer of SapienSecure, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges that healthcare organizations face in optimizing their internal processes to improve patient care and outcomes. Despite the wealth of information available, many organizations struggle to unlock the full potential value inherent in their data systems. We noticed other fields of industry, such as legal, using Artificial Intelligence to discover and mass produce Prior Art freeing up hundreds if not thousands of hours of research required to discover.  This has been a challenge for us as physicians in healthcare to pull any historical records and past diagnosis or rare cures for us to research, especially when most of the research is buried in clinical notes and on image data that is unstructured or spread across the healthcare ecosystem.

Personally, I have seen the impact of SapienSecure in my own work with acute trauma patients. In the past, we struggled with the daunting task of analyzing and categorizing the immense amounts of data collected from trauma patients. We knew that this data held the key to improving patient outcomes, but we simply did not have the means to unlock its full potential.

That’s why I, along with Dr. William Parker and Brian Lee, developed SapienSecure. Our unique proprietary artificial intelligent algorithms and natural language processing are designed to help healthcare organizations ingest data from multiple sources into a usable, user-friendly, readable, and measurable format. It was not possible on a population level to extract and research large volumes of historical medical data records due the privacy issues of personal health information and the inability to access across disparate databases. Our administrators were subjected to laborious hours of pulling records individually from Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs), there’s no reason or requirement to have personal identifiable information exposed for research purposes. By utilizing SapienSecure, we can help guide and assist clinicians and researchers in realizing the full potential of their abilities and capabilities.


With the help of SapienSecure, we are now able to extract and structure data from multiple sources, including the provincial trauma database and international centers, to create a more comprehensive picture of each patient’s condition. This data includes not only imaging but also clinical data such as pharmacological treatments, surgical techniques, nursing care, and physiological/vital analysis. We now have the ability to ingest structured and unstructured data and collect in a way that improves workflows and tremendous cost efficiencies.

The ability to properly categorize and analyze this data is crucial in identifying the most effective interventions for hemorrhagic shock, the leading cause of death in acute trauma. With SapienSecure, we can now develop intelligent, artificial intelligence, deep learning neural network algorithms that will better predict patient outcomes and enhance human performance.

This is a game-changer in the field of trauma management, and I am excited to see the positive impact it will have on patient outcomes. Thanks to SapienSecure, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of improving trauma care and saving more lives.

As someone who has always believed in the power of data to improve healthcare outcomes, I’m excited about the potential of SapienSecure to help organizations and the doctors and clinicians empowered to realize their full potential and be enthusiastic about being in healthcare again. It has been our vision and mission to accelerate humanity through empowering data for the betterment of human care. Our innovative platform now liberates healthcare professionals to unlock the full inherent value potential of their data systems and take patient care and outcomes into the 21st century.



Dr. Savvas Nicolaou

Chief Medical Officer, SapienSecure®

Professor of Radiology at University of British Columbia

Director of Trauma Imaging at Vancouver General Hospital